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Established in 1950, the Kansas Wildlife Federation supports the sustainable use and management of fish, wildlife and their habitats through education, partnerships, outreach and policy oversight.

As an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, KWF is the organization in Kansas that:

1)   Advocates for wildlife, sportsmen, environmental educators and outdoor enthusiasts;

2)   Provides information and education about conservation and management issues; and

3) Conserves and protects Kansas wildlife and its habitat.

Our current priority is to introduce youth, the future stewards of the earth, to the rewards and satisfaction of getting outdoors and becoming engaged with nature.


Barred Tiger Salamander.  Photo Credit: Michael Ray
The barred tiger salamander was named the State Amphibian of Kansas after being nominated by the second grade class at OK Elementary School in Wichita. It is the largest salamander in Kansas growing to almost a foot in length. Its dorsal surface can be a grey, dark brown or black that is interrupted by yellow spots and stripes. They are nocturnal so don’t expect to find them easily. They eat insects, slugs and worms. Adults are terrestrial but the juvenile larvae are entirely aquatic with six external gills on both sides of the neck.  The eggs are laid in temporary water pools to avoid predation by fish that use larger bodies of water. Swamps & marshes are ideal but even spring-time pools that form in shallow ditches or in the concave surface of large rocks may be suitable. 






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